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pdf ISU Communication 2119 02 October 2017

Olympic Winter Games 2018 - Entries/Participation Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance (in addition to Communication No. 2093)

pdf ISU Communication 2118 26 September 2017

ISU Speed Skating Championships 2018 Qualification process, entry quotas and entry procedures

pdf ISU Communication 2117 08 September 2017

ISU Anti-Doping procedures to the ISU Anti-Doping Rules compiled in accordance with The World Anti-Doping Code 2015

pdf ISU Communication 2116 06 September 2017

Elements in Synchronized Skating Appendix / Scale of Values of the Synchronized Skating Elements - This Communication replaces ISU Communication 2016

pdf ISU Communication 2107 06 September 2017

Announcement of International Speed Skating & Short Track Speed Skating Competitions 2017/18 (Updated)

pdf ISU Communication 2115 24 August 2017

ISU Officials Seminars for ISU Referees, ISU Judges, ISU Technical Controllers and ISU Technical Specialists in Synchronized Skating

pdf ISU Communication 2114 24 August 2017

Clarifications/Corrections to Communications 2084, 2091, 2095,Clarifications and Calling Details for the Technical Requirements Season 2017/18 in Synchronized Skating. This Communication replaces ISU Communication 2040

pdf ISU Communication 2112 18 August 2017

ISU World Cup Speed Skating 2017/18 (Updated)

pdf ISU Communication 2113 17 August 2017

ISU Course for Speed Skating Starters

pdf ISU Communication 2110 04 August 2017

Best National Results 2016/17

pdf ISU Communication 2109 28 July 2017

ISU Junior World Cup Speed Skating 2017/18, including International Competitions for Neo-seniors

pdf ISU Communication 2108 25 July 2017

Ice Dance Post Frankfurt Seminar Communication corrections, additions and amendments to ISU Communcation 2076, 2086

pdf ISU Communication 2106 10 July 2017

Audi ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating 2017/18 & Qualification procedure for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 (Update of ISU Communication No. 2044)

pdf ISU Communication 2105 29 June 2017

ISU Anti-Doping Program - Status of Skaters subject to a period of Ineligibility following an Anti-Doping Rule Violation

pdf ISU Communication 2103 27 June 2017

Entries ISU Championships 2018 for Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating

pdf ISU Communication 2104 27 June 2017

ISU Code of Ethics This Communication contains the newly revised ISU Code of Ethics and replaces Communication 1717 with immediate effect. In particular but not limited to, please refer to the revised Article 4.h) with a reference to betting activities and manipulation of competitions.

pdf ISU Communication 2102 27 June 2017

Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance: ISU Examinations to become an ISU Judge

pdf ISU Communication 2101 26 June 2017

Qualifying Competitions and qualifying times for Speed Skating events at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

pdf ISU Communication 2099 23 June 2017

List of Referees, Starters and Competitors Stewards, season 2017/18 for Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating

pdf ISU Communication 2098 21 June 2017

Rules of Procedure for Officials Assessment Commission – Evaluation of Judging - Assessments for the Figure Skating Branch