Disciplinary & Legal

Members of the ISU Disciplinary Commission are ISU Office Holders, but they remain an independent body elected by the Congress. The Disciplinary Commission serves as a first instance authority to hear and decide all charges referred to it by any ISU authority or party against any Skater, Official, Office Holder or other participant in ISU activities accused of a disciplinary or ethical offence.

The Disciplinary Commission may impose a sanction if an Alleged Offender is found to have committed an Offence or has violated the ISU Code of Ethics (Communication 1717). Doping cases are also subject to the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Commission. In such cases the Disciplinary Commission shall impose sanctions in accordance with the ISU Anti-Doping Rules (Communication 1922)

Appeals against decisions of the Disciplinary Commission and of the Council when allowed by explicit provision of the ISU Constitution may be filed with the Appeal Arbitration Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Lausanne, Switzerland.

Decisions of the Disciplinary Commission and other legal matters are all available on this website.

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