ISU Development

The ISU Development Program was established in 1996 as an essential tool for the promotion and development of the ISU sports. It is the ISU’s global initiative to improve the skating activities of ISU Members in a sustainable way. The ISU provides frameworks, funding and facilitation to ensure that Figure Skating and Speed Skating are meaningful for current and future generations worldwide. The Program has the following specific objectives:

- To increase the numbers and improve the quality of Skaters, Coaches, and Officials engaged in competitive international Figure Skating and Speed Skating.

- To increase the number of ISU Members able to develop Skaters who are competitive at the international level, both at the highest level and at the level of qualifying for ISU Events and ISU disciplines at the Olympic Winter Games.

ISU Communication 2052 provides the updated development policy and guidelines for applications. Applications for Projects must be send to: ISU Development Commission ( and ISU Secretariat (

The ISU Development Commission is represented by:

Susanna Rahkamo (Finland)
Jildou Gemser (Netherlands)
Tatsuro Matsumura (Japan)



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General Information

ISU Communication 2052

21 Oct 2016

ISU restructures its Development Program

ISU Communication 2052 Annexe

21 Oct 2016

Annexe to ISU Communication 2052

Results ISU Development Survey 2016

23 Aug 2016

On 1 July 2016, ISU Members were asked to complete the Development survey in order to assist the ISU Council with its task to review and update the ISU Development Program. The results of the survey are now available.


ISU Communication 2058

29 Nov 2016

ISU Ice Dance Development Training Seminar for Novice and Junior Ice Dance Couples and their Coaches, Oberstdorf 2017

2058 - Appendix A Junior

29 Nov 2016

2017 Application form for junior Skaters

2058 - Appendix B Novice

29 Nov 2016

2017 Application form for novice Skaters

2058 - Appendix C Coaches

29 Nov 2016

2017 Application form for Coaches

ISU Communication 2059

29 Nov 2016

ISU Synchronized Skating Development Training Seminar for Junior Skaters and their Coaches Vierumäki 2017

2059 - Appendix A Junior

29 Nov 2016

2017 Application form for junior Synchronized Skaters

2059 - Appendix C Coaches

29 Nov 2016

2017 Application form for Synchronized Skating Coaches

ISU Communication 2060

29 Nov 2016

ISU Pair Skating Development Training Seminar for Coaches and Pair Skaters, Berlin & Sochi 2017