Clean Skater

Clean skaterClean Skater is an online educational programme for athletes and support personnel, covering the new World Anti Doping Code. Here you will learn the basics of the code through nine short, snappy and fun modules. You don't have to do the whole program in one go. When you have completed all modules, this will be registered and you will receive a certificate. If you do not have access to the internet and cannot run modules online, you could either download modules or download the RealWinner cartoon version before hand.

ALPHA the Athlete Learning Program about Health & Anti-Doping Wada Alpha Eng Rgb White Bckground

launched by WADA is a program that adopts a fresh approach to anti-doping education by
addressing how an athlete’s attitudes shape his or her intentions, and ultimately determine
doping or anti-doping behaviours.

Instead of telling athletes ‘Don’t do this and don’t do that,ALPHA provides athletes with
solutions. “
We want athletes to understand that a number of options and actions are available
to them. None involve doping and all take into consideration an athlete’s need to perform and