ISU Social Media Rules


The ISU online communities are growing rapidly and in order to ensure that everyone's experience on the ISU social media pages is an enjoyable one, ISU has introduced some additional guidelines.

Be careful

Do not include any personal or sensitive information (such as your birthday, home address, phone number, login details, credit card details etc.) in your posts or comments. Be aware not to share other personal details directly with strangers. The ISU will never ask you to post a public comment with any of these details, however you might be asked to send information via email or private message in case of a contest for example.

Be respectful

It is important to credit people for their work. Please make sure you are allowed to upload text, images, audio or videos by the owner/creator before you do. It is your responsibility to ensure that any content you post doesn't infringe the intellectual property, or other rights, of other people or organizations.
The ISU may delete any content posted that may raise concerns or disputes from others. Please also note that we may re-use any material you post.
Before posting, check with your friends whether you have their permission to upload photos or videos in order to respect their privacy.

Know when and why moderation is required

The ISU does not take decisions on moderating posts lightly but any posts that do not adhere to the ISU social media rules will be removed.
Posts containing any of the following will be removed:

• personal or confidential information
• inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate statements about ISU
• abusive, defamatory, offensive and hateful language
• unlawful information
• trolling or deliberately disruptive discussions
• violations of any intellectual property rights
• solicitation
• spam
• suspicious links e.g. phishing
• malicious content

Help us keep it suitable for all audiences. If you think that a posting has broken any of our house rules, contact the team by sending a Facebook private message.