Ice Dance

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Descriptions, charts and diagrams of Pattern Dances

Additions to the ISU Ice Dance Music Rhythms Booklet

Who is responsible?

Requirements for Technical Rules

ISU Communication 1885

24 Jul 2014

Ice Dance - Corrections to ISU Communications 1857 And 1860 (Requirements to Technical Rules Season 2014/15 And With Ongoing Validity Effective July 1st, 2014).

ISU Communication 1875

24 Jun 2014

Ice Dance - Various Changes in the General Regulations, Special Regulations and Technical Rules Accepted by the 55th ISU Congress

ISU Communication 1860

22 Apr 2014

Ice Dance Requirements Technical Rules ongoing validity as of July 1 2014

ISU Communication 1857

01 Apr 2014

Ice Dance - Requirements for Technical Rules season 2014/15