ISU Social Media Guidelines for all accredited persons at ISU Events and Championships


The International Skating Union (ISU) encourages athletes, officials, members of the media, fans and other accredited persons at ISU Events and Championships to take part in social media and to share their personal experience as long as it is not for commercial purposes.

Be aware that all conversations within social media networks should always be considered public rather than private. Athletes, officials and staff are ambassadors of the discipline they compete in or represent. Therefore anything you say will not only reflect on you, but also on the sport, your Federation and the International Skating Union.

The purpose of these Guidelines is to provide advice to all those who wish to use social media during an ISU Event or Championships in a responsible manner and without infringement.

Sharing your experience

The ISU is not liable for any comments made by athletes or other accredited persons therefore we urge you to participate in social media by using common sense and exercising sound judgment. You are welcome to share your personal experience and passion for the sport and by following these simple Guidelines you will be able to do so in a valuable and authentic way.

Do Don't
Be respectful towards others Share confidential information
Stay on topic

Use vulgar language

Respond to comments in a timely manner
whenever possible

Post offensive comments

Contact your National Federation or the ISU
if in any doubt

Post if in doubt

Respect the photograph and video
restrictions as mentioned below

Promote particular services, products, or
political organizations

Think before you post Infringe on copyrights or trademarks
Share interesting facts and figures

Interfere with the competitions or the
ceremonies of any ISU Event or Championships
or with the role and responsibilities of the ISU or
the Organizing Committee or other entities.

Be honest and transparent

Violate security measures instituted to
ensure the safe conduct of any ISU Event or

The ISU reserves the right to delete any posts that appear on any official ISU social media platform that do not conform to these Guidelines.


Athletes and other accredited persons can use social media websites to post photographs taken at ISU Events and Championships. It is not permitted to commercialize, sell or otherwise distribute these photographs. Permission from the copyright owner must be obtained before posting their photograph.

Access to the photographer positions will be reserved for professional accredited photographers only. 


For legal and contractual reasons, neither the Event Organizing Committee nor the International Skating Union (ISU) can allow the use of moving images or audio coverage of its Events or Championships on any Internet site. For this reason, no video, moving images, or a series of single pictures or images that resemble video or moving pictures and/or audio coverage of an ISU Event or Championships (this includes any performance on Ice, training, warm up and the mixed zone) will be permitted. The only exception applies to Television Right Holders. 

Video taken from outside of the Event or Championships venue is not subject to the above noted restriction.

ISU Logo and Marks

The use of the ISU Logo and of the Championships Logo can only be used for editorial purposes (within a news context in a newspaper or for broadcast). Any other use is strictly forbidden except by the relevant Event Organizing Committee. Any infringement might result in the site being closed down.


The accreditations of any organization or person accredited at any ISU Event or Championships may be withdrawn without notice. If any organization or individual is in infringement with these Guidelines, the ISU reserves the right to take legal action, refuse accreditation in the future and impose other sanctions.