ISU Anti-Doping Policy

The ISU has a comprehensive year round, in and out of competition, anti-doping program that incorporates both urine and blood testing.

In 1999, the ISU has implemented the ISU Blood Screening Program and later on the ISU Skater Biological Passport Program for its athletes (juniors as well as seniors), which detail their blood parameters over time. This long term monitoring of the skaters' values allows the ISU Medical Commission to detect any anomalies or specific changes over time from which subsequent intelligent targeting testing is conducted. The ISU anti-doping program fully follows the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code.

The ISU Pure as Ice Program is displayed at various ISU Events with the aim to preserve Clean Sport.

Please click on the link below to access to the ISU Anti-Doping Rules (ISU Communication 1922) and ISU Anti-Doping Procedures (ISU Communication 2100).

Samples Long Term Storage and Reanalyze Policy

In order to protect the clean Skaters and in line with the ISU Anti-Doping Rules (ISU Communication 1922, Article 6.5 “Further Analysis of Samples”), the ISU has improved its Anti-Doping Program by implementing a “Samples Long Term Storage and Reanalyze” Policy based on Article of the WADA International Standard for Laboratories and applying the respective WADA Guidelines for Long Term Storage.