Lausanne / Switzerland

The ISU noted the IOC statement released today, announcing the opening of disciplinary proceedings against 28 Russian athletes for whom there is evidence of manipulation of one or more of their urine samples that were collected at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

The ISU reiterates that it is in the process of carefully evaluating the voluminous and complex evidentiary summary received from WADA/McLaren-IP Team. The evidence relates to samples taken not only during the Sochi Olympic Winter Games but also samples of Russian Skaters taken before and after those Games.

Mindful of a due diligence process, the ISU is proceeding with the evaluation of the evidence and related necessary investigations. For the cases relating to the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, the ISU is of course closely following the IOC proceedings and will take into account possible new evidence becoming available thanks to the re-analysis of the concerned samples.

If and when there are sufficient elements and evidence to pursue anti-doping rule violations, the ISU will not hesitate to open disciplinary proceedings and possibly apply provisional suspensions against bodies or persons subject to infringements of the World Anti-Doping Code/ISU Anti-Doping Rules.

Please note that for legal reasons the ISU cannot currently give more detailed information on the cases. This will follow in due course.