Lausanne / Switzerland

This Communication replaces ISU Communication No. 2100 and cancels ISU Communication No. 1871 and ISU Communication No. 1872

In 1999, the ISU implemented the ISU Blood Screening Program, which runs with a specific software program called SAFE (Safe and Fair Event Testing). The purpose of the Blood Screening Program was to establish an haematological profile for all Speed Skaters and Short Track Speed Skaters who take part in ISU Events.

In addition to its Blood Screening Program, the ISU implemented in 2011 the ISU Haematological Module of the Athlete Biological Passport Program (ISU H-ABP), which is carried out in full compliance with the WADA guidelines.

The ISU Medical Commission has reviewed both the SAFE and H-ABP programs and has concluded that the SAFE program has served its purpose and therefore only the ISU H-ABP program will be used in the future.

To reflect this change, the ISU H-ABP Communication (Communication No. 1872) has been incorporated into the ISU Anti-Doping Procedures (Communication No. 2117). Consequently ISU Communication No. 1871 "ISU Blood Screening Program" and ISU Communication No. 1872 "ISU Haematological Module of the Skater Biological Passport Program (H-ABP)" are no longer valid.

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