World Ice Skating Day

World Ice Skating Day (WISD) is synonymous to fun and festivities. It is one day dedicated to celebrating Ice skating across the world in the form of a global ice-skating festival.

Depending on the type of WISD planned by your local rink, first time skaters will be provided with free coaching sessions, skill development and injury prevention sessions for intermediate skaters, along with free skating for the whole family. All this in the company of food and refreshments, topped by a skating exhibition of the best skaters from your region.

With World Ice Skating Day coming to more than 78 countries across the globe, we are presenting an opportunity for kids to enjoy and adults to rekindle their spirit of play and sport.

The potential event organizers shall be given the rights to host/organize a World Ice Skating Day event in their cities/countries granted by the International Skating Union.

There may be numerous applications to become an event organizer and get the right to host/organize a World Ice Skating Day event in their country. The ISU will review the application of every applicant and grant the rights to a potential organizer at its own discretion depending on the authenticity of the details provided in the application.

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