Lausanne, Switzerland


Jason Brown Danny OShea hug Grant Hochstein2

Jason Brown, Danny O'Shea hug Grant Hochstein (USA)

Q: Figure skating is perceived as an individual sport, but on the other hand the skaters are a tightly knit community. Who are your best friends among the other competitors and why?

J: I became very close with Grant Hochstein over the past few years of competing. We happened to get a lot of the same events in 2016/2017 and we enjoyed traveling together. Having a friend to not only experience the highs and lows at a competition, to support you through it and be there to celebrate the wins, and pick you up after some heartbreaking losses is the greatest feeling. Competitions unite us all, and that is something I love about competing! 

I’ve also become very good friends with a lot of the other competitors from around the world! I always look forward for the entry list of my events to come out because I can’t wait to see who I’ll be seeing at my next event!! 

Finally, I just moved to Toronto, and started training with a variety of other senior competitors, and there is a lot of camaraderie and support from each other on a daily basis.  At the same time, we learn from each other and push one another to become better athletes. I feel very fortunate to train alongside Gabby (Daleman), Jun (Hwan Cha), Evgenia (Medvedeva), and Yuzuru (Hanyu) this year!! It’s going to be fun!

Q: How can someone who is your competitor at the same time be your friend?

J: It’s truthfully about compartmentalizing. When at competitions, skaters are pretty focused at the rink, but when we meet in the dining hall or see each other when the event is over...we love catching up and hearing about what each other has been up to. In reality, the other competitors are the people who truly understand what we are going through. We can relate to the pressure we feel, the nerves we face, the stress we undergo when competing, and the physical feats we put our bodies through on a daily basis. Our competitors get it and empathize with each other; therefore, building a relationship through shared experience!

Q: Does real friendship exist in sports?

J: Absolutely!! I’m so lucky to be able to call so many people from around the world friends...and I get so excited when I see some of my friends’ names on the same entry list when I go to compete!!

Danny OShea Jason Brown Grant Hochstein

Danny O'Shea, Jason Brown and Grant Hochstein

Q: How important are your friends in the skating world to you?

J: They mean so much to me. I’ll forever cherish the memories we have made together all over the world. Whether at a show, at competition, or just training, reuniting with friends is a huge highlight for me. Some of the friends that I have made in skating are my best friends to this day!

Q: What is your best friendship story?

J: It is yet to unfold!! :) I’m super excited to continue growing in this sport over the next few years and continue making friends and memories to come!!! 

Q: Thank you very much and all the best for the upcoming season.