Lausanne, Switzerland


Kamila Valieva (RUS) debuted at the international level in ISU events this season and impressed from start to finish. Her Short Program to the subtle pieces “Spiegel im Spiegel” and “Allerdale Hall” that was inspired by Picasso’s painting “Girl on the Ball” – an idea of coach Eteri Tutberidze - has become a signature piece already.

Kamila, who had won her two ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating events and the Final, headed as top favorite into the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Tallinn (EST) where she topped off her successful season with the title. The 13-year-old took at strong lead with a perfect last performance of her famous Short Program, showing off beautiful jumps, spins and steps.

1.Kamila Valieva RUS WJFSC 2020 International skating Union ISU 1210792668

Kamila Valieva (RUS) at the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2020©International Skating Union (ISU)

The Free Skating set to “Exogenesis Symphony: Part 3 Redemption” by Muse was not less exquisite. Kamila reeled off a quadruple-double toeloop combination as well as six triple jumps. She stepped out of her first quad toeloop, but that was the only glitch. The ISU Junior Grand Prix Final Champion showed nerves of steel when she continued the program without any further error. Valieva’s total score of 227.30 points is the highest achieved by a Junior Lady so far.

“I am very happy to have won Junior Worlds. I tried not to think about the fact that I was the favorite, I just thought about my programs and about skating them clean,” Kamila said. “This was my first Junior Worlds. No matter what condition I am in, I have to come here and do everything I can do like in training, even if not everything works in practice,” she said about her experience.

Valieva will turn 14 on April 26 and therefore will not be age eligible yet for senior-level competitions and will continue to compete in junior events internationally in the next season.