Salt Lake City, USA

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 Ladies Allround Podium: (L-R) Jutta Leerdam, Joy Beune and Elisa Dul (NED)

Joy Beune (NED) and Allan Dahl Johansson (NOR) were crowned World Junior Allround Speed Skating Champions in Salt Lake City on Sunday. The Dutch Ladies won both the Team Sprint and the Team Pursuit while Republic of Korea took both Team disciplines in the Men's side. 

In her last ISU World Junior Championships before moving up to the senior age group, Beune skated an almost perfect tournament, sweeping together five world records (1000m, 1500m, 3000m, Team Pursuit and Combination) to beat team-mate and defending champion Jutta Leerdam (NED). Elisa Dul (NED) completed the all-Dutch Allround podium with the bronze medal. The Dutch ladies left only two medals for other skaters in the whole tournament, which were both taken by Japan. Kurumi Inagawa (JPN) took the Lady World Junior Speed Skating Champion 500 meters for 2018 title and Lemi Williamson (JPN) took bronze in the 3000m.

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Men Allround Podium:(L-R) Tyson Langelaar (CAN), Allan Dahl Johansson (NOR) and Francesco Betti (ITA)

Johansson is the first Norwegian World Junior Allround Speed Skating Champion since Sverre Lunde Pedersen in 2012. The Norwegian prodigy came back to improve on his silver from last year and he brought the title home solidly. He won the 1500m and came second in two more distances. Japan's Koki Kubo set a new Junior World Record for the 1000m at 1.07,76. 

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Kurumi Inagawa (JPN)           

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 (L-R) Do Hyung Lee, Min Seok Kim and Jaewon Chung (KOR)

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Jutta Leerdam (NED)


Here are the full results for the event:

Ladies Allround Men Allround
1. Joy Beune (NED) 153.78 1. Allan Dahl Johansson (NOR) 143.06
2. Jutta Leerdam (NED) 154.42 2. Tyson Langelaar (CAN) 145.06
3. Elisa Dul (NED) 157.31 3. Francesco Betti (ITA) 145.58


Ladies 500m


Men 500m
1. Kurimi Inagawa (JPN) 38.22 1. Jae Woong Chung (KOR) 34.66
2. Jutta Leerdam (NED) 38.26 2. Torai Ishikawa (JPN) 34.87
3. Michelle de Jong (NED) 38.48 3. Koki Kubo (JPN) 35.00


Ladies 1000m


Men 1000m
1. Joy Beune (NED) 1:14.21 1. Koki Kubo (JPN) 1:07.76
2. Jutta Leerdam (NED) 1:14.38 2. Allan Dahl Johansson (NOR) 1:08.02
3. Elisa Dul (NED) 1:15.31 3. Jae Woong Chung (KOR) 1:08.33


Ladies 1500m


Men 1500m
1. Joy Beune (NED) 1:54.21 1. Allan Dahl Johansson (NOR) 1:43.62
2. Jutta Leerdam (NED) 1:54.31 2. David La Rue (CAN) 1:44.59
3. Elisa Dul (NED) 1:56.83 3. Min Seok Kim (KOR) 1:45.11


Ladies 3000m


Men 5000m
1. Joy Beune (NED) 3:59.47 1. Jaewon Chung (KOR) 6:20.75
2. Jutta Leerdam (NED) 4:05.19 2. Allan Dahl Johansson (NOR) 6:26.90
3. Lemi Williamson (JPN) 4:05.96 3. Egor Shkolin (RUS) 6:27.17


Ladies Team Sprint


Men Team Sprint
1. Netherlands (NED) 1:28.75 1. Republic of Korea (KOR) 1:20.46
2. Republic of Korea (KOR) 1:29.05 2. Germany (GER) 1:20.76
3. Poland (POL) 1:29.46 3. Russia (RUS) 1:20.94


Ladies Team Pursuit


Men Team Pursuit
1. Netherlands (NED) 2:59.55 1. Republic of Korea (KOR) 3:43.55
2. Japan (JPN) 3:02.68 2. Japan (JPN) 3:44.68
3. Republic of Korea (KOR) 3:05.06 3. Russia (RUS) 3:44.73


Ladies Mass Start


Men Mass Start
1. Beatrice Lamarche (CAN) 30 1. David La Rue (CAN) 30
2. Karolina Bosiek (POL) 20 2. Ethan Cepuran (USA) 20
3. Laura Peveri (ITA) 10 3. Min-Seok Kim (KOR) 10


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Ladies Team Sprint Podium: (L-R) Republic of Korea, Netherlands and Poland

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 Max Reder (GER)

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 Min-Seok Kim (KOR)

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Joy Beune (NED)