Lausanne / Switzerland

The ISU noted the reports of abuse and harassment by at least one Korean Coach on Korean Short Track Skaters. The ISU condemns any kind of abuse and harassment on ISU participants and encourages the Korean authorities in their continuation of their investigations and related court decision severely punishing the convicted offenders.

Time being the reported cases remain within the national Korean scope and jurisdiction and the ISU has no detailed knowledge and evidence of the reported cases. However, the ISU herewith emphasizes that according to the ISU Code of Ethics (ISU Communication No. 2215), anyone affected by or who has observed an alleged incident of harassment or abuse during the period of an ISU Event or any other ISU activity may file a Statement of Complaint to the ISU Disciplinary Commission against the Alleged Offender in accordance with the ISU Disciplinary Rules of Procedure (currently ISU Communication No. 2001).

The ISU has, is and will pursue its efforts to establish clear conduct and integrity standards for all persons involved in the activities of the ISU, to prohibit conduct that might undermine public and internal confidence in the integrity of the ISU and the sports under its jurisdiction and to provide safeguards for protecting all participants in ISU Events, exhibitions and other ISU activities, in particular but not limited to Skaters, from any form of harassment and abuse.