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The ISU Centers of Excellence (CoE) are pleased to announce that the Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating “Keep Training!” sessions, featuring professionals in the domain, begin on May 11, 2020, on the Skating ISU YouTube Channel. 


It is now the turn of the Speed Skaters and Short Track Speed Skaters to Keep Training! Offered by ISU Centers of Excellence (CoE), some of the best coaches, champions and specialist in sport psychology and mental performance will be providing free online training for athletes and coaches to prepare even though they #StayHome.  

The ISU CoEs present both practical online training classes of Dryland & Strength, Flexibility & Tai Chi Movements and a theoretical webinar about Goal Setting which is fundamental for everybody in the community. These training classes are suitable for skaters of all levels and everyone is invited to join in.

It is an opportunity for followers to share a special live training moment, with highly-qualified coaches and maybe some of their favorite athletes. As part of the #UpAgain campaign, the ISU is providing tools so that we can all get #UpAgain together. You can find out more about the other initiatives by visiting the #UpAgain page, which also includes tips from the athletes themselves on training, cooking and more.

Join the training from May 11 - 15, 2020 at 17:00 CEST on Skating ISU YouTube Channel. You will find the full schedule and details of the courses below.

Join us online, stay healthy and keep fit!

ISU CoE (Short Track Speed Skating and Speed Skating) Virtual Training Sessions:

Date & time (CET)


Hosting CoE


Hosting Coach / Professional


Name of Exercise


Equipment Required/Notes




Salt Lake City CoE

Wilma Boomstra - Head coach of US Speed Skating & Short Track National Team

Dryland Training Live



Calgary Coe 

Alayne Hing - Specialist in Sport Psychology & Certified Mental Performance Coach

Goal-setting Fundamentals



 Calgary CoE

Remmelt Eldering - Olympic Coach, coaching gold medalist 

Mark Wild - National Coach 

Slide board, Dryland and Strength

Including instructions on how to build an inexpensive slide-board at home



Heerenveen CoE

Simon Kuipers - Head coach CoE Heerenveen; two- time Olympic participant; Olympic medalist 

Manon Spruit - Assistant Coach 

Dryland Training Recorded
Chalk (or training ladder),
training mat



Beijing CoE

Bai Xue - National Elite Level Athlete; National Medalist 

Ran Qianxin - World Taijiquan Champion; performer at the Opening Ceremony of 2008 Olympics 

Flexibility Training & Tai Chi Movements Recorded

(Subject to change)

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