Phuket, Thailand

The 58th Ordinary ISU Congress continued on June 9, 2022 with the split Sessions for the Figure Skating and Speed Skating Branches.


Technical Rules Speed Skating

The Speed Skating Branch voted to exclude Proposal 53 from the package of proposals, while the rest of the Proposals 52 to 58 (with amendments to 54 and 56) were accepted.

Special Regulations and Technical Rules Short Track Speed Skating

The Speed Skating Branch also voted on the remaining Special Regulations for Short Track Speed Skating and was in favor of Proposals 64 to 68, 71, 72, 74, 75, 77 to 80, 83 to 86, 88, 89 90, 92, 93, 94, 96 to 113 (with 102 already passed on June 8), 115 to 120 (with an amendment to 118). A number of Proposals were withdrawn by the respective ISU Member or the Short Track Speed Skating Technical Committee, including 69, 70, 76, 81, 82, 87, 91, 95, and 114.

The Technical Rules 121 to 152 (with amendments to 127, 152) were accepted as a package, however Proposal 144 was withdrawn.

Special Regulations and Technical Rules Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating

During the Figure Skating Branch Session, Delegates debated the Special Regulations Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating Proposals and voted on the Technical Rules, which were presented in four packages: General Technical Rules, Single and Pair Skating Technical Rules, Ice Dance Technical Rules and Synchronized Skating Technical Rules.

The Delegates accepted Urgent Proposals 3 and 4, and Proposals 174, 184 to 198, 222 to 225 as well as 158. Proposal 192 was rejected and 176 withdrawn.

Proposal 163 was withdrawn yesterday in favor of a resolution. The Delegation from Hungary presented the resolution. The Congress accepted to mandate the ISU Council to form a Working Group with the purpose of evaluating possible modifications and amendments to Rule 400 (Olympic Winter Games Qualification System for Figure Skating disciplines) and related provisions in the ISU Statutes, and ultimately prepare a Proposal for the 2024 Congress.

Technical Rules were discussed during the workshops that took place on June 6 and were voted in packages today. As part of the General Technical rules, Proposals 199 to 207 were approved with amendments to 201. The Single & Pair Skating (208-214), Ice Dance (215-221) and Synchronized Skating Technical Rules (226-249) were all approved.

The 58th Ordinary ISU Congress continues on June 10, 2022 at 9:00 (ICT). For further information on the ISU Congress, please visit our dedicated page which includes a summary of the most important proposals, the agenda, information on where to watch the Congress, a list of candidates for the different positions including for ISU President and more.



The elections of ISU Office Holders, including the position of ISU President, will take place on June 10.

The list of nominees are presented per position and in alphabetical order. However, the sequence in which the candidates for the different positions will be presented during the elections will be drawn in the presence of the ISU auditor.



The 58th Ordinary ISU Congress is available as a live stream on the Skating ISU YouTube Channel.