Lausanne, Switzerland

The ISU is actively working on an E-learning initiative. Positive progress has taken place.

In order to make timely decisions and allocate the necessary budget amounts for learning content selection and production, a Project Group composed of experts covering all ISU disciplines has been established, replacing previous Working Groups. The Project Group shall identify priorities topics for module creation and provide subject matter expertise in cooperation with the respective Technical Committees. The Project Group shall also periodically update all concerned parties and provide recommendations for further implementations of the e-learning project. The composition of the Project Group is as follows:


· Susanna Rahkamo (Project Group Leader and Ice Dance expert)
· Jildou Gemser (Speed Skating expert)
· Sally Rehorick (Figure Skating expert)
· Jonathan Guilmette (Short Track expert)
· Cathy Dalton (Synchronized Skating expert)
· Laura Shi from the ISU Secretariat for administrative support.