Lausanne, Switzerland

As a step towards the fulfilment of the ISU Development Program objectives, we are pleased to announce that the ISU eLearning Platform is going live.

With the support of the ISU Development Program and driven by the ISU eLearning Project Group, the ISU eLearning platform is aimed at providing consistent and continuous online learning and development opportunities to Officials, Coaches, Skaters and other concerned people within the Skating family. For the ISU and its Members, it is an additional tool to promote and develop Ice Skating sports and to enable learning anytime and anywhere.

isu eLearning

Accessible from computers and mobile devices, the ISU eLearning platform offers engaging modules and Skating-related online resources with the objective of providing something for all targeted groups. The modules currently available on the platform have been developed in close collaboration between the ISU eLearning team and ISU Technical Committees as well as related departments at the ISU Secretariat. The platform includes the following first batch of modules and materials:

- Figure Skating Referee Reappointment Learning Exercises
- Speed Skating Short Track Infringement Guidance
- Advanced Skating Techniques with Brian Orser
- Pure as Ice educational workshop
- WADA Resources

In addition, Speed Skating Coaches modules are currently under development and will be uploaded as soon as they are ready. More modules, courses and online resources can be expected. Please sign up and join this learning journey with us!

Skate Canada has provided valuable assistance in the creation of the ISU eLearning platform.