Ankara / Turkey

As part of the ISU Development Program Traveling ISU Coach initiative which is being piloted this year, an expert Ice Dance coach travelled to Turkey on September 5-10 for a visit based in Ankara.

The on-ice and off-ice sessions covered the basic skating skills, edges, pattern dances, dance holds, mohawks, brackets, music and twizzles. The Argentine Tango, regulations and choctaws were some of the additional topics studied. 

There was an enormous amount of enthusiasm shown by the Skaters who were eager to try the sensation of dancing with a partner rather than skating alone and who showed great interest in the classroom, listening and participating in discussion regarding rules and comments on videos.

The Turkish Ice Skating Federation told the Development Commission: "Some of the skaters and coaches met ice dance first in their life although the few others were doing before. It was the first serious and wonderful seminar for our skaters and coaches to encourage them for a new discipline other than single skating. They were so happy and eager to learn." 

Online contact and advice will follow and a second visit will be arranged to continue this very positive momentum towards developing Ice Dance in Turkey.