Lausanne, Switzerland

In order to develop Speed Skating and provide ice-time and training opportunities for Skaters from smaller European countries (primarily minor European countries where it is difficult to set up training groups, organization and/or facilities), a European Training Group will be established with training camps to be held in Heerenveen, The Netherlands as follows:

- September 2019 - 14 days
- October 2019 - 16 days (+7 days of competition)
- November 2019 - 10 days
- December 2019 - 6 days
- January 2020 - 24 days
- February 2020 - 12 days

The ISU Development Commission will support the project for accommodation in team houses, ice-time, Coach(es) and technical support. For details about content, requirements and costs, ISU Members should contact Karin Rigas at