Sofia / Bulgaria

On November 20, 2014 the President of the International Skating Union Mr Ottavio Cinquanta was presented with the honorary title Doctor Honoris Causa by the Rector, Associate Professor Pencho Geshev, of the National Sports Academy Vassil Levski in Sofia Bulgaria.

The new Doctor Cinquanta expressed his gratitude for the high appreciation received and said that he is very honored.

The National Sports Academy awards the Doctor Honoris Causa honorary degree, to prominent public and sport-engaged persons who have contributed to the development of sport education, Olympism and who work to preserve the values of youth, civil and social integration.

The first ceremony took place in 1996 when the Academic Council of the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria made the decision to give the title as a way of honoring distinguished people. Since then the honorary sign has been bestowed to many world sporting and public leaders.