Lausanne, Switzerland

ISU Logo FC Pos Portrait AW 01

In order to strengthen the International Skating Union (ISU) brand, the ISU has embarked on a rebranding journey. Today, it launches the first phase of its new Corporate Identity.

The ISU logo provides a modern identity that is both flexible and practical for delivery amongst all digital and traditional platforms, while maintaining a strong link to its heritage as an International Federation. The ISU Icon has become synonymous with Ice Skating sports throughout the decades and has therefore only undergone subtle changes.

However, the updated Icon is complimented further with a new typeface and a supporting pattern, which helps deliver a powerful and consistent image across all platforms.

ISU Pattern

Those attending the 57th ISU Ordinary Congress will see the new ISU Corporate Identity in application. The implementation will be rolled-out over several phases with the season 2018/19 being used as a transitional one.

Over the next few weeks, the ISU will unveil its new discipline icons and a number of other elements will be released as and when available.

The ISU aims to standardize all Corporate Branding and to have a coherent design theme across all its disciplines and events.

The new assets and ISU Corporate Identity User Guide are available on the ISU extranet.