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It is a pleasure to launch the new ISU digital newsletter “Inside ISU World” and to give you a glimpse of the new ISU Corporate Identity. The newsletter aims to provide the Skating family and ISU stakeholders with a weekly overview of the latest news that is published on the ISU website. Furthermore, the ISU is rebranding and implementing a modern and consistent look and feel across a range of applications and platforms and at the ISU Events. The new branding will be rolled out in stages. Attendees of the ISU Congress will see several applications in Sevilla, Spain.

With the 57th Ordinary Congress underway, I think it is always special and inspiring to have so many skating nations together. People of different generations and cultures united by their passion for ice skating. I look forward to having a fruitful exchange of thoughts and ideas on important matters for our beloved sport.

In this column, I would like to highlight one such important priority: the ISU Development Program and the progress that is being made.

The ISU has the fundamental role of supporting its Members and developing Skating worldwide across all disciplines and levels. After the 2016 ISU Congress, our first milestone as ISU Council was to establish a new and result-oriented ISU Development Program and a Development Commission. The Program aims to increase the quantity and quality of Skaters, Coaches and Officials worldwide and to increase the number of ISU Members able to develop Skaters who are competitive at ISU Events and Olympic Winter Games.

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Laura Gomez & Pedro Causil along with a member of the US speed skating team (© AFP)

Several projects have seen the light of day through the Program. Each project is examined for its value, rationale and cost-effectiveness. While continuing to support traditional successful projects and competitions, we are focusing on new areas and extending our global reach. As a result, we have welcomed projects in new countries and have noted a positive outcome. One such example is a project transitioning Skaters from Inline to Ice Skating. Initially, the goal was to have a least one Skater from the program qualify for the 2018 PeyongChang Olympic Winter Games, in the end, five qualified!

We are also developing a number of new initiatives including:

  • Implementing e-learning for ISU Members, Officials and Coaches.

  • Creating an ISU international education program for skating Coaches and using travelling ISU Coaches to help ISU Members.

  • Establishing ISU Centres of Excellence (CoE). As a first step in this process, interested ISU Members and other entities, such as ice rinks, are invited to complete the ISU CoE survey by July 20, 2018.

  • Supporting the post-competitive careers of Skaters.

  • Encouraging and assisting ISU Members to participate in development activities.

At the ISU Congress, the Development Commission will be available to speak with ISU Members on any of the initiatives or on any new ideas, concepts or needs that Members might have.

I look forward to welcoming the ISU family in Sevilla. For the first time, the ISU Congress will also be available as a live stream on the ISU YouTube Channel. Let us have a successful Congress!

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Jan Dijkema

ISU President