Lausanne, Switzerland

Since the launch of the new ISU website in September 2017, the content on ISU.ORG was split into two sections:

  • ISU homepage, news and featured stories on ISU Events and athletes dominated the section and are mainly aimed at all fans of ISU Sports. 

  • Inside ISU, hosts all institutional information aimed at the Skating family and specialists of the sport.


While our goal is to provide content for all stakeholders in a clear and easy manner, we understand that the different accesses and menus may have created some confusion and information may have been difficult to find over the past year.

ISU.ORG has evolved since its launch back in 2017 and improvements have been made based on feedback, comments, new and available technology. In order to improve the user experience, fans and Insiders, will now be able to use a new and unique menu to navigate from one section to the other. Additionally users will also see a glimpse of the new ISU Corporate Identity which will be fully implemented over the next few months.

The new menu was rolled out worldwide over the weekend. If you see no change, please empty your browser's cache.

website new menu

New navigation menu on ISU.ORG