Rome, Italy

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The next ISU Council meeting takes place on June 14 to 16, 2019 in Rome (Italy). On the eve of the meeting, the ISU Council had the honor to obtain a private hearing with His Holiness Pope Francis to discuss the importance of sport within society and how Sports including ice Skating can help to find a path for many young people.

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Fredi Schmid, Yang Yang, Ulrich Linder, Maria Teresa Samaranch, Tron Espeli, Alexander Lakernik, ISU President Jan Dijkema, Pope Francis, Sergio Anesi, Stoytcho Stoytchev, Benoit Lavoie, Roland Maillard, Marie Lundmark, Patricia St. Peter, Béatrice Pfister, Michael Geistlinger 2019©Servizio Fotografico - Vatican Media

During his address to His Holiness, the ISU President Mr Jan Dijkema said: “we were inspired by your speech at the conference ‘Sport at the Service of Humanity’ in 2016 which was hosted by the Vatican and supported by the UN and IOC. Indeed, sport is a human activity of great value that can enrich people’s lives. It is enjoyed by men and women of every nation, ethnic group and religious belonging. This way, it can also build bridges within and across societies.

Besides that gliding over the ice is a magical feeling and spectacle to watch, it serves a much higher belief like other sports. Along with the physical component, it helps, in particular, the young generation to improve self-esteem, discipline, social skills and healthy habits, to overcome disappointments, and to learn about teamwork and other cultures.

With this hearing you have given us and the community that we represent an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on essential values and ideals to which sports and ice Skating appeals. We will cherish it” shared the ISU President.

ISU Council with His Holiness Pope Francis 2019 Servizio Fotografico   Vatican Media00607 13062019

Pierre Eymann, Alexander Lakernik, Tron Espeli, Fredi Schmid, ISU President Jan Dijkema and Pope Francis 2019©Servizio Fotografico - Vatican Media

His Holiness thanked the International Skating Union for its long contribution to sport “all sports are in fact a cause and an expression of joy… and this is true in a particular way for those who skate. Skating offers an exhilarating experience of life and freedom of movement together with a training in discipline, team work and the pursuit of personal excellence.

The values of compassion, respect, love, enlightenment, balance and joy learned in sport are a precious preparation for success in running the race of life. Sport, in a word, is always meant to be at the service of humanity”.

Following the ISU Council meeting, the Decisions of the Council will be published on the ISU website: