Lausanne, Switzerland

Rules of Procedure for Officials Assessment Commission – Evaluation of Judging – Assessments for the Figure Skating Branch
ISU Communication 2369 replaces ISU Communication 2271 with immediate effect
(Changes compared to the previous version of ISU Communication 2271 are underlined) and covers the following:

A) Appointment of the Officials Assessment Commission (OAC)

B) Assignment of OAC members for specific ISU Events

C) OAC members rules of conduct / Reimbursement

D) Evaluation Procedure and Report

E) Processing of OAC reports

F) Criteria for the identification of cases of evaluation in the Judges’ GOEs and Program Components scores

G) Referee’s Report

H) Cases of Evaluation of Judges Behavior

I. Evaluation of judging at International Competitions not covered by the OAC

J) Evaluation of the decisions of the Technical Panel and of the decisions of/conduct of competition by the Referee at ISU Events


Read the full ISU Communication 2369 for further details.