Lausanne, Switzerland

This Communication summarizes the main general obligations of ISU Members, according to the ISU Statutes (see Article 39, paragraph 1 of the ISU Constitution for the definition of the ISU Statutes) and according to established procedures. This does not alter the obligation of ISU Members to adhere to those Rules contained in the ISU Statutes (in particular but not limited to Article 6, paragraph 3 and Article 7, of the ISU Constitution) which are not specifically referred to in this Communication.

Appendixes to this Communication as well as Communications and Circular Letters referenced in this Communication can be found on the ISU Website (, section “Member Area”. The ISU Regulations can be found on the ISU Website (, section “ISU Rules”.

-  Annual Subscription 2021

- Announcement of Referees, Technical Controllers, Technical Specialists, Data/Replay Operators, Judges, Starters and Competitors Stewards for the season 2021/22
- Notification of best national results for the season 2020/21
- Planned International Competitions for the season 2021/22
- Cancellation of International Competitions
- Trademarks
- Personalized helmets and dedicated numbers for Short Track Speed Skating
- Compliance with residency and citizenship requirements and Clearance Procedure
- Entries/Declaration for Competitors and Officials entering ISU Events (Rules 115/130/131)
- Payments
- Medical Insurance and Skaters’ Safety
- ISU Anti-Doping Rules & ISU Anti-Doping Procedures
- Notification of style and headquarters
- Code of Ethics / Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
- Awards/Prizes during ISU Events
- Applications/Allotments ISU Championships
- Forms

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