Lausanne / Switzerland

In accordance with the ISU Regulations, Rule 417, paragraph 1, ISU Members may send to the ISU Secretariat, with a copy to the Chair of the Single and Pair Skating Technical Committee, applications for ISU Sponsored and Recognized Single & Pair Skating Judges’ Seminars 2018; the deadline for these applications is established as January 1, 2018.


- ISU Sponsored Single & Pair Skating Seminars 2018

- ISU Recognized Single & Pair Skating Seminars 2018


The ISU can contribute financially only to a limited number of ISU Sponsored and Recognized National Seminars each year. ISU Members wishing to hold Recognized National Seminars, where the ISU is unable to contribute to the expenses, may therefore request to hold the aforementioned seminar by following the same application procedure. If recognition is granted, the total expenditure will then be borne by the organizing ISU Member concerned. Moderators designated by the Single and Pair Skating Technical Committee must conduct these seminars.

ISU Members who do not receive financial assistance from the ISU could apply to their respective NOC for possible funding through Olympic Solidarity.


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