Lausanne, Switzerland

ISU Members Entries rules have been published for:

- ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2019
- ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2019
- ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2019
- ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2019

Minimum Total Elements Scores

Skaters/couples participating in the above-mentioned Championships must have reached a Minimum Total Elements Score at the latest 21 days before the ISU Championships (by the entry deadline by name) that will be announced in a separate ISU Communication in October 2018.

Entry Deadlines

In accordance with Rule 378, paragraph 1, entries by name must reach the Sport Directors (through the ISU Secretariat) and the Organizing Committee simultaneously by 21 days before the first day (first official practice day) of the Championships concerned.

The names of all Team Skaters including alternates may be finally announced at the time of registration (see Rule 868, paragraph 6). The exact deadlines are issued in the Official Announcement for each ISU Championships.

Please also study Rule 131 and ISU Communication No. 1876, point 16 “Declaration for Competitors and Officials entering ISU Events” or any update of this Communication. An updated Declaration form is available on our website

In line with Rule 115, paragraph 5 of the General Regulations, ISU Members are reminded that post entries might be accepted by the ISU President only in case of clearly and truly exceptional circumstances.

To read the full ISU Communication 2191 click the link on the right side bar.