Lausanne, Switzerland

The Ice Dance Technical Committee has announced specific Technical Rules for the season 2020/21.

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It is a requirement for certain Technical Rules to be announced annually by the Ice Dance Technical Committee and all other rules are published in Special Regulations & Technical Rules:
- Requirements defined in the Technical Rules to be announce annually:
▪ Rhythms or themes, Required Elements (including Key Points and Key Point Features for Pattern Dance Elements) and guidelines for Rhythm Dance – Junior/Senior,
▪ Required Elements for Free Dance – Junior/Senior
- All requirements related to Novice categories are published in the updated for season 2020/21 ISU Communication ICE DANCE - GUIDELINES FOR INTERNATIONAL NOVICE COMPETITIONS
- Updates to the current ongoing requirements, valid as of July 1st, 2020, will be published in a subsequent Communication.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many Skaters will not be able to prepare properly for the next season and it will be very difficult for them to learn new programs. Bearing this in mind, the three Technical Committees (SPTC, IDTC, SySTC) proposed, and the Council decided, to maintain the basic requirements of the season 2019/20 for the season 2020/21.

- Ice Dance: the Pattern Dances for all Novice categories and the Rhythm Dance for Juniors and Seniors will not be changed.

For further details read the full ISU Communication 2314.