Lausanne, Switzerland

The Ice Dance Technical Committee has published the Communication with guidelines for International Novice Competitions 2020/21

FS ID GPFSF 2018INternational Skating Union ISU 1084340862

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It is a requirement for certain Technical Rules to be announced annually by the Ice Dance Technical Committee and all other rules are published in Special Regulations & Technical Rules:
- General Rules
- Requirements defined in the Technical Rules as valid for one season only:
▪ Pattern Dances for International Competitions (including Key Points and Key Point Features)
▪ Music requirements for Pattern Dances for International Competitions,
▪ Marking guide for Components for Pattern Dances
▪ Required Elements for Free Dance

The Communication “Requirements for Technical Rules with ongoing validity, effective July 1, 2020” will include:
- Marking Guide for GOE for Pattern Dances and Free Dance
- Criteria for Levels for all Required Elements
- Marking Guide for Components for Free Dance

With the uncertain situation with COVID-19, the IDTC proposed and the Council decided, to keep similar requirements from the 2019/20 season for the Pattern Dances and Free Dances for the 2020/21 season. The decision is made in the best interest of the Ice Dance athletes providing all couples the same advantages based on when they will be able to begin training.

For further details, read the full ISU Communication 2313.