Lausanne, Switzerland

The Ice Dance Technical Committee has announced updates to the current ongoing requirements, valid as of July 1st, 2020.

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Requirements for Technical Rules with ongoing validity, effective July 1st, 2020
1. Calling specifications and Levels of Difficulty for Required Elements (Novice, Junior, Senior)
2. Marking guide for Grades of Execution of Required Elements (Novice, Junior, Senior)
3. Marking guide for Components for Rhythm Dance (Junior, Senior)
and Free Dance (Novice, Junior, Senior)
4. Deduction Chart – Who is Responsible – Rhythm Dance and Free Dance (Junior, Senior)
5. Explanation of Symbols on the Judges Details Per Skater (Junior, Senior)
6. Pattern Dance and Pattern Dance Element information for season 2020/21, Includes the Percentage of steps for Pattern Dance and Pattern Dance Elements

Scales of Values for the Required Elements are published in Communication 2256 and are valid for season 2020/21.

For further details, read the full ISU Communication 2315.