lausanne / Switzerland

As required by ISU Special Regulations for Short Track Speed Skating, Rule 284, paragraph 6, this Communication informs on the Qualification procedure for the Olympic Winter Games 2018, in particular the timeline and structure of the designated Qualifying Competitions for allocation of quota places. This communication is an update of ISU Communication 2044.

1. World Cup Competitions serving as Olympic Winter Games Qualifying Competitions
2. Conditions
3. Program and Distances (for all World Cup Competitions)
4. Entries
5. World Cup entries by Host Member
6. Required Qualifying Times
7. Lane Positions
8. Program
9. Announcement
10. Drawing and progression
11. Classifications at each World Cup Competition
12. Points scoring
13. World Cup Classification
14. Special Olympic Qualifying Classification
15. World Cup Rules and Procedures
16. Prize Money
17. Qualification procedure for the Olympic Winter Games 2018
     (Refer to Rule 284, paragraph 3 and Rule 286)

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