Media Accreditation for ISU Events

Welcome to the ISU Media Accreditation section, which provides you with all the necessary information on how to apply for ISU Events. Before registering on our online media accreditation system (OMAS), all media are invited to carefully read the below requirements relevant to both Non-Right Holders Media (written/web press, social media, photographers) and TV/Radio Right Holders.

Media accreditation contacts, deadlines and instructions for each ISU Event will be included at the bottom of this page as and when ready. If you cannot find the documentation for an Event, then it is most likely that the Event is not yet open for accreditation.

For more information, please also refer to the Media Information package relevant to each Event. These documents are available at the bottom of this page, or on the Event section of the ISU website (please filter according to the event you are interested in).


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Application requirements  

Only professional journalists, editors and photographers covering the ISU Event for editorial purposes, or producing content for news purposes, will be accredited. 

Individuals working for or representing a media organization - including agencies, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Internet, social media and/or an extension within an existing multimedia company (newspaper, magazine, TV, agency) - as well as representatives from ISU Member federations acting as media for their press and communication activities will be considered for a media accreditation.

/!\ Individuals working for a sponsor, brand or agents will not be considered for a media accreditation. 

All media must provide the following documentation when applying for media accreditation and further information could be requested (such as evidence of past articles, etc.):

         1. Endorsement Letter from the editor-in-chief  - Mandatory

         2. Copy of current professional media or journalist card  – if available

         3. ID photo - Mandatory

         4. Present the necessary documentation as requested by the OC, and which may include sanitary certifications/testing results - Mandatory 

If a media accreditation request is not completed by the deadline (for both on-site and remote access) or if any required information is missing, it will be refused. Also, media applicants must agree to the terms and conditions and if they do not respect them, the OC and ISU reserve the right to remove their accreditation badge.

Restrictions to Media Non-Right Holders during ISU Events

Non-Right Holders media – print/web journalists, TV/Radio, photographers, content creators and social media reporters – who have not negotiated any special production rights – need to abide and agree to the following rules in the conduct of their editorial work during ISU events.

1. Restricted Areas

Filming in the below listed areas is strictly forbidden:

  • Training sessions (at the Practice or Main rinks)

  • Warm-up zone

  • Changing rooms

  • Mixed Zone area (unless approval has been provided by the ISU and its TV partners in advance)

  • Competitions / Field of play

  • From public seats at all times (even during ice resurfacing)

2. Authorized Areas

Non-Right Holders media are only allowed to produce video, audio-recorded material for editorial purposes in the following areas:

  • In the Press Conference room

  • Outside the venue

Special permissions may be submitted to the ISU Media Team ( in advance of the event. The transgression of any of these rules may result in the exclusion from ISU Events, removal of accreditation and legal actions.

Television and Radio Right Holders

Rights holding TV and Radio must also apply for accreditation via the ISU online media accreditation system. Access to the Right Holders area is restricted, therefore Right Holders are invited to contact the ISU Media Team in order to obtain a username and password. 


If space is limited the following quota will be enforced:

Writing Press

  • Media Organization (newspaper, magazine, web/social media, agencies, ISU Member Federations) : 1 journalist 

  • Agency, Major Newspaper: 2 journalists  


  • Media Organization: 1 photographer 

  • For Figure Skating, Synchronized Skating and Short Track Speed Skating: Agency, Major Newspaper are allowed to 2 photographers (limited to one rink side position, and one elevated position). 

  • For Speed Skating: space permitting 2 rink side positions could be possible). 

TV Non-Right Holder 

  • Media Organization: 3 persons crew max. (e.g. one reporter, one camera person, one editor). 

Radio Non-Right Holder

  • Media Organization: 1 reporter (max.) 


  • Freelance journalist or photographer: 1 person 

  • Freelancers must provide written evidence that they are assigned to cover the ISU Event by a media organization. 

  • A freelancer operating under their own account may be requested to submit additional written evidence (presentation letter, copy of past editorial pieces etc). 


Special measures due to COVID-19 restrictions

In an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic context, the health and safety of all participants at ISU Events including the athletes, team members, officials, volunteers, service providers, broadcasters, media, and spectators needs to be given additional attention. The Guidelines for ISU Events during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Sport Specific Annexes available here describe the minimum sanitary measures that must be put in place to host an ISU Event during a COVID-19 pandemic situation. If the local health authorities require a stricter policy in order to host the Event, those stricter policies will need to be followed.

pdf ISU World Speed Skating Championships 2023 - Heerenveen (NED) - Media Information 20 February 2023

On-site accreditation deadline: February 17, 2023
Remote accreditation deadline: February 24, 2023

pdf ISU World Cup Speed Skating 6 - Tomaszów Mazowiecki (POL) - Media Information 22 December 2022

On-site accreditation deadline: February 3, 2023
Remote accreditation deadline: February 10, 2023

pdf ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating 2023 - Dresden (GER) - Media Information 24 January 2023

On-site accreditation deadline: January 20, 2023
Remote accreditation deadline: January 27, 2023

pdf ISU World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2023 - Dresden (GER) - Media Information 24 January 2023

On-site accreditation deadline: January 13, 2023
Remote accreditation deadline: January 20, 2023

pdf ISU European Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2023 - Gdansk (POL) - Media Information 15 December 2022

On-site accreditation deadline: December 30, 2022
Remote accreditation deadline: January 6, 2023