Lausanne, Switzerland

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything – and summer training for Short Track Speed Skating is no exception.

Getting on the ice for some laps is out. Going to gyms and national training centers has stopped. And there’s been no chance of cycling in groups.

Our athletes, however, have improvised and overcome. They know that an effective summer can lead to a glorious winter – so they’ve been staying active in any way they can, and sharing the results on Instagram.

For those lucky enough to have space at home, a makeshift gym has often been constructed. Italy’s Arianna Fontana has been training in her garage in Lombardy, lifting car tires. After all, as she says, for skaters, it’s “leg day every day”. 

Canada’s Charles Hamelin has been pedaling around the globe – from the comfort of his home in Montreal. “Doing 🚴🏻‍♂️ on the virtual road indoors means I can ride with friends around the world,” he says. 

The Netherlands’ Daan Breeuwsma has been firing his quads by climbing a ladder – all part of the summer renovation of his house. Be careful up there, Daan! 

Also in the Netherlands, Suzanne Schulting has been producing some excellent workouts from her flat – including this killer which includes sit-ups, leg raises and planks. 

Elise Christie has been extra innovative, piling weights on top of a sled and pulling it round her house in England – past the bins, while the cat looks on. “It’s still training,” she says, adding that she’s been “motivated by lion king Lilly.” 

Israel’s Vladislav Bykanov has also shifted workout time into the garden at his home in the Netherlands. He’s even got a wheelbarrow handy for bringing out extra barbell weights. 

Canada’s Kim Boutin, meanwhile, has been keeping it simple, doing a lot of running around the block in Montreal, and “since I run as fast as I skate, I make sure to keep my distances!” 

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La routine est changée. Au lieu de faire des tours de glace, je fais des tours du bloc. 🏃‍♀️ Et comme je cours aussi vite que je patine, je m’assure ainsi de garder mes distances! Pour moi comme pour plusieurs il est important d’aller prendre l’air.🌞🌤 Mais ce qui est encore plus important c’est de le faire de manière responsable. Quand j’ai terminé mon jogging, je rentre chez moi et j’en profite pour relaxer, bricoler, cuisiner et lire.🏡 Le repos a aussi quelque chose de bénéfique. Je tiens à saluer le travail incroyable des professionnels de la santé et de tous les gens qui sont sur la première ligne de cette crise. . . . My day-to-day has changed. Instead of skating around the ice, I am running around the block.🏃‍♀️ And since I run as fast as I skate, I make sure to keep my distances! For myself and many others, it’s important to go outside to take a breath of fresh air.🌞🌤 But what’s even more important is to do it in a responsible manner. When I am done with jogging, I go back home and take the opportunity to relax, do some arts and crafts, cook and read.🏡 Rest is also something that’s beneficial. I’d like to express my gratitude to the health care workers and all of those out there who are on the front lines of this crisis. #StaySafe #StayHealthy

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Finally, Hungary’s Liu brothers, Shaoang and Shaolin Sandor, have been working as hard as ever, riding an exercise bike on their balcony – but have also taken the time out to demonstrate the most effective way to sneeze in public. Bless you… and stay safe.