Saitama / Japan


PureAsIce Alina Zagitova IMG 1669 small

Alina Zagitova (RUS) 

To promote clean, true sport, the International Skating Union (ISU) and the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) worked in partnership to deliver the joint “Pure As Ice” and “PLAY TRUE 2020” campaigns during the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Saitama City, Japan.

The goal of the joint venture is to promote the “Pure As Ice” campaign to a wider public. Sport values-based videos were played in the venue in order to reach the spectators with the clean sport message. Furthermore, an outreach booth was set up and delivered by the JADA at the athlete’s official hotel, and around 40 athletes were interviewed showing their commitment to engage in “Clean Sport”. The interviews will be used for the clean, true sport campaigns by both ISU and JADA’s respective events.

PureAsIce Julian Yee IMG 4621 small

Julian Zhi Jie Yee (MAS)

Moreover, many athletes and support personnel also enjoyed the WADA Anti-Doping Quiz. They could also participate first hand in the clean sport quiz and learnt how important their role is in clean sport.

The athletes and their support personnel wrote down TRUTH messages for “clean and true sport” on a poster, such as “Be true to yourself,” “Sport teaches you to get up even when you fall,” and “Skate clean!,”. The messages will be displayed during the Tokyo2020 Games as part of the “i-PLAY TRUE Torch Relay” Tokyo2020 legacy project.

PureAsIce Junhwan Cha IMG 3722 small

Junhwa Cha (KOR)

The JADA “PLAY TRUE 2020”, as part of Sport for Tomorrow (SFT) project led by the Japanese government for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, is to promote a wide range of activities to protect the integrity of sport and foster the values of sport. The partnership between ISU “Pure As Ice” and “PLAY TRUE 2020” is a powerful example that shows the ISU and JADA’s commitment in protecting clean sport and clean athletes.