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The main axes of CLEAN SPORT are testing, prevention and education.

Doping prevention is very important because it helps skaters to raise their awareness without putting their careers at risk. The ISU Pure as Ice Program is displayed at various ISU Events with the aim to promote Clean Sport.

Skaters and their entourage who visit the Pure As Ice booth at ISU Events get the chance to test their knowledge’s on Anti-Doping, chat with professionals and athletes, have their Pure as Ice picture taken and sign for Clean Sport.

By using the #PUREASICE hashtag, join the Pure as Ice Proud to be a Clean Skater community.

■ Anti-Doping eLearning

Skaters and others can educate themselves on Anti-Doping obligations that shall go a long way to understand their responsibilities towards Clean Sport. We have our own clean sport eLearning certification course ‘ Pure as Ice’ for Athletes and their support personnel to educate themselves on Anti-Doping, their roles and responsibilities towards Clean Sport. Join the growing community of Clean Skaters who are Pure as Ice. To be Pure as Ice certified, please click on this link: Pure as Ice eLearning Certification course.

■ PureAsIce Education Outreach Season 23/24

■ Proud to be a Clean Skater

This year Skaters and Skaters Support Personnel were part of the Pure as Ice Outreach programs at the following ISU Events:

Feel free to visit us and share the word, we are proud to be Clean Skaters!

■ Play True Quiz

WADA's Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game that tests athletes’ knowledge about anti-doping.

An integral element of its Outreach Program, WADA devoted considerable resources to the development of the interactive computer game which has been showcased at major events including the Olympics, Paralympics and many world championships. The Quiz is currently available in 36 languages.


clean sport play true quizz


wada doping control process


ADEL for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022


■ Youth Quiz

The Youth Quiz was developed to target a younger audience by providing them core anti-doping information that better suits their level.

This interactive tool has been featured at the Youth Olympic Games and other youth events. The Youth Quiz is currently in 34 languages.


clean sport youth quizz