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What is it?

An ISU CoE is an ISU-recognized skating entity that provides an overall environment of high-quality facilities, skating services, coaching and training activities, research and innovation, servicing high performance and long-term development of Skaters, Coaches, Officials, and experts while engaging with multiple ISU Members.

An ISU CoE may act as an ISU development center, hosting or executing ISU development activities when required. The purpose of the CoEs is to share their knowledge, expertise, and good practices. In addition, creativity and innovation are encouraged to fill gaps in the development of skating sports.

The ISU CoE serves as a quality label awarded periodically to selected skating entities. Together the CoEs may form a worldwide training and development network that engages Skaters, Coaches, Officials, and experts in the skating world towards a better fulfillment of their personal and collective development goals.

ISU CoE Project Group is composed of:

  • Tron Espeli (ISU Vice President)
  • Benoit Lavoie (ISU Vice President)
  • Susanna Rahkamo (ISU Council Member)
  • Jildou Gemser (ISU Development Commission Coordinator)
  • Xu Xun (ISU Development Commission Member)
  • Jenneke Bogerd (Project Manager ISU President's Office)
  • Laura Shi (Project Manager from ISU Secretariat)


During the pilot phase (2020-2021), there are 9 ISU CoEs: 

In addition, an ISU CoE covering both Branches will be established in Beijing, China in view of the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and its legacy.


Which are the recognized ISU CoEs

For the 4-year period of April 2022 to April 2026, there are 11 ISU CoEs.

Figure Skating Branch:

- Detroit Skating Club, Detroit (USA) - Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating
Detroit Skating Club provides the programs and facilities that will encourage each individual to achieve his or her own goals in a safe and healthy environment.


- Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf (GER) - Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance
The ISU Center of Excellence Oberstdorf is an international training center for Single Skating, Ice Dance and Pair Skating. We see our mission in guaranteeing national and international athletes optimal training conditions in a quiet environment all year long.


- Ice Jar Comprehensive Training Center, Beijing (CHN) - Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating
Established in the venue of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, we aim at taking full advantage of Olympic legacy and attracting more people to participate in Figure Skating so as to constantly expand the international skating family.


- Ice Lab, Bergamo (ITA) - Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance
Our international skating program for high level comprises a fully coordinated system for the advancement of the multiple skills and abilities that contribute to talent development in figure skating. We offer off-ice training, ballet stretching and injury prevention, but also mental coaching, nutritional advice and career advising, amongst others.


- IWIS International Training Center, Bangkok (THA) - Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating
IWIS International Training Center - the Southeast Asian most holistic sports Center that combines up-to-date sports facilities, training programs and sports science for skaters, coaches and officials for all levels in order to develop multi-disciplinary pathways for the figure skating community.” 


- Skating School of Switzerland, Champéry, (SUI) - Single Skating
The Skating School of Switzerland welcomes young skaters from around the world, from local hopes to international champions. Two-time World Champion Stéphane Lambiel founded this elite training center with one goal: to gather under one roof all the competences that skaters need to develop their potential and to express their unique personality.



Speed Skating Branch:

- CREPS CNEA Font-Romeu, Altitude Training Center, Font– Romeu (FRA) - Short Track
The Font- Romeu Short Track Speed Skating CoE is located in a high-performance sports training center at 1850m in the French Pyrenees mountains. Everything is adapted to the well-being of athletes & Come and meet the French touch! 


- Heerenveen (NED) - Speed Skating and Short Track
Within the Dutch National Training Centre of Heerenveen, it is possible to combine multiple Speed Skating sports in the Dutch development structure. A tailor-made program could be made for every level of Skater who also joins existing training groups in our ISU Centre of Excellence.   

Contact: Speed Skating: | Short Track Speed Skating:

- National Speed Skating Oval – Ice Ribbon, Beijing (CHN)Speed Skating and Short Track
The Olympic Legacy of Beijing 2022


- Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary (CAN) - Speed Skating and Short Track
The Calgary Olympic Oval is a multi-purpose 150,000 sq foot facility that provides training, coaching, research, competition and recreation facilities for International, National and Provincial Sports Organizations, University teams, sports clubs and the general public. Various training programs are available for different levels of Speed Skating and Short Track athletes and Coaches.


Utah Olympic Oval, Salt Lake City (USA) - Speed Skating and Short Track
The Utah Olympic Oval is a legacy venue from the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Our world class facility continues to host major international events and offers a high-quality training environment and training programs to athletes and teams from around the world.”



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What are included in the ISU CoE program or activities?

In principle, there are a series of training, coaching, research or development activities primarily targeted at Skaters, Coaches and Officials, yet with the possibility of extending the program to administrators and/or ISU Event organisers. Related information will be posted on the ISU website. 


Where can you find more information?

Contact Laura Shi at