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What is it?

Scholarships of up to USD 10’000 are awarded to Coaches or Sports Administrators.


How can you apply?

For Speed Skating and Short Track, a call for nominations is issued annually on the Development page of the ISU website. The Scholarships are awarded for education and other development of coaching skills.

For Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating suitable candidates are nominated by the Development Commission in collaboration with the respective Technical Committees. The Scholarship takes the form of mentoring and/or support to attend educational seminars.

There are no Coach Scholarships for Singles Skating and Pair Skating.

Applications should be sent to  



The call for nominations for Speed Skating and Short Track is usually sent directly to ISU Members in May each year, with the application deadline in June.


Where can you find more information?

3.7 b) of pdf ISU Communication No. 2310

The 2020 version of the pdf Call for Speed Skating & Short track Speed Skating nominations