Lausanne, Switzerland

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Team Surprise is the oldest synchronized skating team in the Country. It has achieved great results over the years. As their founder and head coach, Andrea Dohány, points out “In order to compete in the world of elite sports, you have to raise the bar year over year. This was the core value and work ethic of Team Surprise throughout their history.” Thanks to that philosophy, the Team ended on a high note, winning the silver medal at the 2018 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships. What made it even more special is that it was in front of their home crowd in Stockholm.

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Andrea Dohány, has been a major figure in the world of Synchronized Skating development internationally. Although she has chosen to take on a new challenge with a different form of coaching, she will continue to fight for the development of Synchronized skating. “You must push the limits to grow and develop a sport that began as a recreational activity and became a true international figure skating discipline. The world of Synchronized Skating has taken us in many different directions, with the international organizations and various systems of rules. We are at a breaking point and need to step up our plan to make Synchronized Skating count for real. For my part, I will focus on that here in Sweden, and in the forums that I can internationally, for the development of Synchronized Skating”.

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It was a long journey deciding on the fate of the team, however, it is one that they went on together and which included many conversations along the way. Although Team Surprise will no longer exist, Andrea Dohány will have the occasion to continue to work with some of the skaters.

“I will start to work together with some of the Team Surprise athletes, to train coaches and athletes on techniques used over our many years. We need to combine theory, with practical education and strong training examples. We will create a sustainable development pathway for Synchronized Skating and the athletes in Sweden. I want to continue to work with the athletes of Team Surprise, the best team I know” – Andrea Dohány.

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Katarina Heriksson, President of the Swedish Figure Skating Association expressed her gratitude for their contribution “From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank Team Surprise and Andrea Dohány for these many years and an unforgettable legacy. Team Surprise, with Andrea and her team of coaches, were an essential part of Swedish Figure Skating and Synchronized Skating internationally. It is in many aspects, a great loss to the sport of Synchronized Skating in the world, but for Sweden it is a new dawn. Together, we are looking forward to exploring new avenues for the sport in Sweden”.

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The Swedish figure Skating Association has not yet appointed a Swedish National Team in their place. Their decision regarding the direction they want to pursue for senior competitions in 2018-19 will be decided following The Swedish National Camp for Synchronized Skating, scheduled for November 2018.