Lausanne, Switzerland

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The ISU herewith informs its Members that based on recent contacts with the company Icederby Europe, the ISU in principle has agreed that Icederby conducts a Test Run for 1 Lap Time Trials and Mass Start Skating Races on the 220 meters track at the Thialf arena in Heerenveen on September 7, 2019. This Test Run has the sole objective to review and ensure the health and safety of Skaters for this type of novelty format competitions. The Test Run will in no way be an actual competition. Icederby agreed that no results/rankings shall be recorded and published and no commercial activity (ticket sales, media coverage, marketing, prize money payments) shall take place.
The ISU is currently in contact with Icederby in order to clarify a number of technical issues related to the Test Run.  Icederby will publish all relevant details of  the above-mentioned Test Run @  as soon all technical issues are clarified.

Icederby has furthermore informed the ISU that they plan to hold an actual Mass Start International Competition on the 220 meters track at Thialf in March 2020 (called "2020 ICE 1 Netherlands") which will be subject to ISU approval as per ISU Communication 2171. Once the ISU is in a position to approve the planned March 2020 Icederby International Competition, it will be included in the ISU Event Calendar posted on the ISU website.