ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final – ISU World Cups Short Track

Considering the pandemic developments and related impact on the organizers and participants of ISU Events, the ISU Council decided to cancel or postpone the following ISU Events:

  • ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, Beijing/China - December 10-13, 2020 (Olympic Test Event) (postponed)

  • ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating, Seoul, December 11-13, 2020 (cancelled)

  • ISU World Cup Short Track, Beijing, December 18-20, 2020 (Olympic Test Event) (postponed)

Concerning the Olympic Test Events in Beijing there were also a number of logistical points raised by potentially participating teams that meant that hosting the competitions on the scheduled dates (close to the end of year holidays and National Championships) would have impacted on the number of participants, given the potential need to quarantine on returning to their home country.

The ISU, in consultation with all stakeholders and considering the pandemic developments, is evaluating the continuation of the 2020/21 season, in particular the re-scheduling possibilities for the important Olympic Test Events. The ISU will communicate the conclusions at a later date.

ISU World Cup Speed Skating

During its August 28, 2020 Council meeting (see ISU Communication 2345) the ISU Council concluded that the first four ISU World Cup Speed Skating Competitions cannot be organized as planned. The following ISU World Cup Speed Skating Competitions were therefore cancelled:

  • Tomaszow-Mazowiecki, POL November 13-15, 2020

  • Stavanger, NOR                     November 20-22, 2020

  • Salt Lake City, USA                December 4-6, 2020

  • Calgary, CAN                         December 11-13, 2020

However, based on a basic proposal endorsed by the organizing ISU Members of the initially allocated ISU World Cup Speed Skating Competitions of the season 2020/21, the Council decided to proceed with a specific evaluation of a Hub Concept in the Netherlands as an alternative to hosting the above-mentioned ISU World Cups.

In the meantime, a Council appointed Working Group further elaborated and assessed this possibility with all stakeholders in order to decide whether this is a feasible way to implement safe, high-level international competitions with worldwide participation during the time period of the above-mentioned four World Cups.

Based on the Working Group’s report received, the Council concluded that in principle the Hub Concept is a valid option to achieve the Council’s objective to give Skaters the best possible opportunities to compete internationally provided that the health and safety of the participants can reasonably be ensured. The ISU also concluded that the basic budget for such Hub Concept remains within acceptable limits.

However, the Council also acknowledged the ongoing volatile and unpredictable pandemic development and that some important Speed Skating ISU Members informed the ISU that, at this time, they would not participate in the planned Speed Skating World Cups in the Netherlands. Furthermore, other ISU Members made their participation dependent on further clarifications related to the Hub Concept.

The Council therefore concluded that the implementation of the Hub Concept for World Cup Speed Skating Competitions during the month of November and early December 2020 was premature. Consequently, the Council mandated the Working Group to further evaluate the Hub Concept possibility for ISU Speed Skating Events in early 2021.

The ISU will communicate the conclusions reached by the Working Group and subsequently the Council as soon as possible.