Lausanne, Switzerland



The International Skating Union (ISU) is proud to announce the launch of the very first World Ice Skating Day (WISD), an annual festival celebrating Ice Skating all over the world through multiple events taking place simultaneously on December 4, 2022. Its mission is simple: to reunite ice skating professionals, amateurs, beginners and newcomers to break social, economic and cultural boundaries and to ultimately encourage greater inclusion, youth involvement and future development of all ice skating disciplines.  

The World Ice Skating Day presented by the International Skating Union (ISU), is a one-day global festival dedicated to Ice Skating. This celebration will be held annually on the first Sunday of December. The key objectives are to make Ice Skating sports accessible to everyone in a fun and safe environment – for first-timers, amateurs, professionals or retired competitive skaters – by creating a memorable experience for the entire family and sharing the passion for the sports, especially that magical gliding feeling so unique to Ice Skating.

The ISU President, Jae Youl Kim, envisions this new project with enthusiasm: “I especially look forward to the World Ice Skating Day introducing the sport to children and first-time skaters through a variety of fun activities. Hopefully, many will discover a love for skating and embrace the values of inclusiveness and diversity that the ISU aspires to. I am excited by the changes that the World Ice Skating Day will bring.”

The concept of the World Ice Skating Day stemmed from the idea to popularize and spread the spirit of Ice Skating worldwide - through a celebration - with a vision towards development, inclusion and fairness. To achieve these goals, the first focus lies in bringing more children and young people to the ice by connecting them with local rinks, clubs and national skating federations. Secondly, this large-scale event aims at expanding Ice Skating to every country, even those not known for winter sports, and empowering them to develop ice skating disciplines by setting up pop-up rinks, or initiatives that attract a new audience and raise awareness on the power and importance of sport - contributing to living a physical and mental healthy lifestyle. 

How to organize a World Ice Skating Day event?

All ISU Members, along with national skating rinks and clubs, are invited to join this global movement by registering their local initiatives on the dedicated WISD website (see registration form). So far, Australian Ice Racing, Brazil, British Ice Skating, Chinese Figure Skating Association, Chinese Taipei, Club des Sports de Glace in Cergy Pontoise/France, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, LOHAS rink in Hong Kong/China, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Peru, Polish Figure Skating Association, Skate Austria, Skate Canada and Thailand have confirmed their participation in this exciting new project. Additionally, several ISU Centres of Excellence - Switzerland and the Skating Club of New York - have also expressed their interest in hosting WISD events, along with the charity organization Inclusive Skating. Organizers are encouraged to be creative in the type of activities they wish to plan – in accordance with the WISD Branding guidelines.

In support of events planning and promotion, the ISU provides a WISD toolkit containing ready to use artworks for venue branding, printing material, digital marketing assets, merchandise, events ideas guide, etc.

Everyone interested in taking part to the World Ice Skating Day will be able to apply on the dedicated website, once the list of countries/cities hosting events will be made available in Autumn.

From one side of the world to the other, the World Ice Skating Day will be about creating a fun and festive environment open to all, while connecting communities of fellow skaters through the joy of sport and movement.

What to expect from a World Ice Skating Day Event near you?

Organizers have brilliant ideas to create an exciting day for the public. Each event will be unique and could include some of the following activities:

  • Free skating lessons for kids and beginners

  • Coaching sessions on skills and injury prevention to amateur skaters

  • Free skating for the entire family

  • Pop-up shops renting skates and other related equipment

  • Food trucks and refreshment corners

  • DJ and musical arrangements

  • Encounters with retired competitive skaters

  • Skating galas/exhibitions of renowned skaters from the region


Visit the WISD website for more information and stay tuned for updates on the WISD social media accounts.