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For the launch of the first-ever World Ice Skating Day (WISD) on December 4th 2022, the International Skating Union (ISU) is proud to count among its partners the charity organization Inclusive Skating, dedicated to providing skaters with any form of disability or impairment an equitable participation in ice skating sports. This collaboration naturally came to life, as Inclusive Skating’s mission perfectly aligns with the World Ice Skating Day initiative: a global annual festival opening up the world of Ice Skating to everyone regardless of any social, economic, cultural or physical considerations.  

Inclusive Skating DSC02718

Inclusive Skating World medalist, My An Ho, with coach Jean McGregor, in Australia, 2022. @ Tonny Luu (Inclusive Skating)

The ISU is honored to announce as Institutional Partner of the World Ice Skating Day the charity organization Inclusive Skating, which aims at creating training and competition pathways for skaters with additional needs. To do so, the entity provides activities, educational resources, national championships and international events – all directed at supporting the inclusion of diverse groups of skaters within the Ice Skating community. Inclusive Skating helps all skaters to experience the achievement, challenge and thrill that ice skating sports offer by welcoming them to learn with their families in a supportive environment.

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 Inclusive Skater with volunteer. @ Inclusive Skating

The ISU embraces this commitment, which also lies at the heart of the World Ice Skating Day project, whose inaugural edition will be launched on December 4th all over the globe with more than thirty participating countries. The goal of this worldwide festival is to foster diversity, equality and future development of the sport by inviting the public at large to discover and celebrate the joy of skating.

As part of its role as Institutional Partner, Inclusive Skating will host its Virtual World Championships – virtually along with several in-person events – on December 3-4, 2022, in conjunction with the World Ice Skating Day. The Inclusive Skating Championships are available for all levels and disciplines, which include Free Skating, Pair Skating, Ice Dance, Solo Ice Dance, Synchronized Skating, duets, figures, and several off-ice events. All events, including coupled and team events, are open to skaters of all ages and genders. Registrations are open here.  

Inclusive Skating

Uttoxeter Synchronised Skating team, United Kingdom, 2022. @ Coach David Marston (Inclusive Skating)

“We are delighted that the World Ice Skating Day provides us with opportunities to partner with meaningful organizations and charities like Inclusive Skating, dedicated to the advancement of public participation in sport and the promotion of equality and diversity” states Mr. Jae Youl Kim, President of the ISU.

“Inclusive Skating is thrilled to be an official Institutional Partner of the World Ice Skating Day. We welcome collaboration with the ISU and its members in our shared vision of inclusion for all.’’ states Ms. Margarita Sweeney-Baird, BEM, Founder and Chair of Inclusive Skating.

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 Inclusive Skater with volunteer. @ Inclusive Skating

”Inclusive Skaters from the four corners of the world with additional needs - ranging from blindness, cystic fibrosis, heart and lung conditions to autism and so much more - are participating in this year’s Inclusive Skating Virtual World Championships on the World Ice Skating Day. We are very happy that the world can witness Inclusive Skaters who shall also celebrate the WISD along with the rest of the sporting community.” adds Ms. Sweeney-Baird.

More information about the Inclusive Skating Virtual World Championships in collaboration with the World Ice Skating Day can be found here.

Visit the WISD website for more information and stay tuned for updates on the WISD social media accounts.



About World Ice Skating Day

The World Ice Skating Day presented by the International Skating Union (ISU), is a one-day global festival dedicated to Ice Skating celebrated on the first Sunday of December. The key objectives are to make Ice Skating sports accessible to everyone in a fun and safe environment – for first-timers, amateurs, professionals or retired competitive skaters – by creating a memorable experience for the entire family. The concept of the World Ice Skating Day stemmed from the idea to popularize and share the spirit of Ice Skating worldwide through a celebration with a vision towards development, inclusion and fairness. For further information please visit World Ice Skating Day website.