Lausanne, Switzerland


The ISU eLearning team endeavors to provide unique online learning courses tailored to various needs. As part of the ongoing service, a new improved online platform design has been implemented and some exciting new functionalities have been added to enhance the learning experience. We invite you to indulge in your love for learning on the newly improved platform.

These improvements can be seen on the home page of the platform with a new layout that presents the ISU platform and gives a better access to the type of courses that can be taken part in.



A dashboard has also been developed, from which you can see the courses that you are following, easily access other available courses and keep updated on the latest news from the ISU eLearning team.


The drop-down menu on this page will allow you to explore available courses.









New course designs allow to display the content in a more user-friendly manner and a more direct access to content needed.


A new side menu has also been implemented for some of the courses, allowing to move from one content to the next with greater ease.


More changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks including access to badges that can be collected following the participation to courses and a new alert system to keep the learning on track.

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks on the ISU eLearning platform!

Best wishes,

The eLearning Team


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