Lausanne, Switzerland


The next webinar of the Virtual Events Toolkit Webinar Series will take place on June 4, 2021, on the ISU Development YouTube Channel!

Webinar 5: Video Recording for Virtual Events

There is a very important component needed for Virtual Events: a good skating video! Either connecting a live streaming from the rink or recording a video to submit, there are technical aspects to consider for making the most of the experience for skaters.

In this webinar, the basic equipment and setup needed to record a quality video will be demonstrated.  Some strategies and tips on how to film the skating, such as when and how to zoom in on the skater(s), will be discussed. This webinar will be helpful for those who are asked to record skating for virtual tests, competitions, or monitoring and feedback sessions. 

Presented by Luca Demattè, this will be the fifth webinar of the six-part series.

When: June 4 at 13:30 EDT/ 19:30 CEST / 20:30 MSK / 02:30 JST (June 5)

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel

This webinar series focuses on the practical applications of the Virtual Events Toolkit,  officially launched on January 28, 2021 on the ISU's eLearning platform. The content of the Toolkit is explained in a dynamic and engaging way and real examples of the final product will be demonstrated by the group of experts who developed the Toolkit. 

Past Webinars

You can watch the previous webinars, which have taken place in the last three weeks. 

Webinar 1  covered the first section of the Toolkit, “How to organize a virtual meeting/seminar”, while introducing some new strategies and tips to incorporate into online webinars. 

Webinar 2 introduced practical solutions to the most common challenges faced during virtual events and the best success strategies to make the most of the online opportunities.

Webinar 3 explained how to host a Technical Panel Practice online for preparation for a test or a practical examination, practice just prior to a live event, or TP Seminars with practice sessions. 

Webinar 4 introduced the Toolkit Online Scoring System and all its different uses and benefits.


Future webinars for different parts of the Toolkit will be delivered each weekYou can find more details about the series on this link. Stay tuned to our news to find out more!