Lausanne / Switzerland

The updated Ice Dance Charts for +5/-5 GOE are published on our dedicated ISU Judging System page - Handbooks Ice Dance


Principle of the new Scales of Values

The ISU Congress 2016 approved the proposal to use in all the disciplines of Figure Skating starting with the 2018-2019 season instead of +/- 3 GOE System a wider GOE scale with the goal of evaluating more precisely the quality of execution. The scale proposed for confirmation of the 2018 ISU Congress is +/- 5 scale.

For the new GOE scale it’s necessary to have new SOV Tables that cannot be created by expanding the existing ones as this idea will result in too high (too low) points in cases of +4, +5 (-4, -5) GOEs. The new SOV Tables had to be created.

The +/- 3 Tables were created by several years difficult work, were quite artificial and based on the “trial and error” principle. To use this principle for the bigger +/- 5 Table is practically impossible and there should be another simplified method of creating the Tables.

The 3 ISU Technical Committees used a percentage principle for creating the SOV in which every step up or down in GOE results in increasing or decreasing the Value by a certain percent, same through the whole Table. The details of this principle implementation can differ from one Technical Committee to another in order to reflect the specifics of every discipline.

The 3 SOV were tested during the Challenger Series event in Tallinn, Estonia, November 2017, Grand Prix Final in Nagoya, Japan, December 2017, Mozart Cup SyS in Vienna, Austria, January 2018. The results of the Tests were positive and confirmed the accuracy of the Charts.