Lausanne / Switzerland

According to the Team Event Qualification System for the Figure Skating Team Event, the following Teams have qualified for the Figure Skating Team Event at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, in PyeongChang / KOR (in order of qualification).

1. Qualified Team Entries
2. Confirmation and Entry Procedure
3. Confirmation of Team Entry by NOC/ISU Member
4. IOC Athlete Replacement Policy (in case of injury and/or illness)
5. Exchange of a Skater/Couple between the Short Program/Short Dance and Free Skating/FreeDance of the Team Event
6. Clarification of “Replacement” versus “Exchange” of a Skater/Couple
7. Additional Athletes Quota for the Figure Skating Team Event
8. Starting Order – Judging System/Result Determination – Medals/Awards – Technical Officials – Panel of Judges
9. Deadline of Nominations for the Figure Skating Team Event
10. Representation at Team Leaders meetings - Important
Appendix - Late Athlete Replacement (LAR)

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