Lausanne / Switzerland

Some changes in Special Regulations and Technical Rules accepted by the 57th ISU Congress for Single & Pair Skating. 

I. Special Regulations

Changes in Rules 353, 414, 415, 430 & 431

II. Technical Rules

Changes in Rules 504, 520, 610, 611, 612, 620 & 621

III. ISU Communication 2168

The content of this Communication was subject to 57th ISU Congress decisions. It is now confirmed that all items in Communication 2168 remain valid. Below are corrections of small typing mistakes:

Page 8, item 4: correction - 3Lz< has been corrected to 3F<
1. In jump combinations / jump sequences when applying the GOE with the numerical value of the most difficult jump, the signs “<”, “e”, “V” are taken into account (e.g. 3T with Base Value 4.2 is
considered more difficult than 3F< with reduced Base Value 3.98).

Page 12, Lifts: correction - the word “with” has been corrected to “which”.
2. - lifts with more than one point of contact which require exceptional balance and control (e.g. “star” lift where the lady is facing away from the man).

IV. Frankfurt Seminar 2018

The new requirements for promotion of Technical Controllers/Technical Specialists will start from the season 2019/20.


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